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Sad News!!!

Hello.   Those following the whereabouts of Captain Claude De Mouse from location to location have probably been wondering where he’s been since June 2011. After not receiving new information about him for a while I started tracking him down via his last few contacts this past July.  What I was eventually told was the Captain was passed to a person who hung onto him for an extended length of time.  Said person then shipped the artwork to a random address in New York but said shipper couldn’t recall the location he sent the artwork to.  (????) 

It’s my assumption that unless he suddenly shows up out of the blue (something I’m still hopeful for) it’s my belief that Captain Claude De Mouse was either stolen or ruined and will never be seen again.  

Any help from his friends and past participants in tracking him down would be appreciated but as it stands now— I have little hope of this fun project continuing thanks to the indifference of a few people.

My best and thanks for reading.

A sad Artist/Creator___  Scott Nelson



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Up a tree

I’m backkkkkkk!!    Me bets ye thought I was gone.  Didn’t yah?   Well you should know that cats have nine lives and by my count, I still have two or three left.  So sure, it may have taken me over a month to travel to Bellingham, MA.  Just let me see you hitch hike for a ride without a thumb to stick out though.  Nobody stops!

As luck would have it,  Caela and Hayden  finally came along and hoisted me up into a tree.  We looked for Count Le Pew. We talked about school.  They even showed me how to text on a cell phone. I can now “lol” all day long. We eventually saw a beautiful sunset.  Then they strangely suggested that  we all climb down from our  high perch.   Everybody knows  that cats  go up trees but they do not come down.    Thankfully a firetruck came along and saved the day.  

So I’m adrift again!   Where I’ll end up next?  Only time (and the place with the best kitty chow) will tell.

Thanks to my new  friends!

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Couch KerPlunk

Tyler and Kailee were kind enough to KerPlunk me on their couch the other day in Bellingham , MA.  We discussed important matters such as how to tie perfect sailing knots.   How to “heave-ho”.  And most importantly, who’s funnier… Patrick or Sponge Bob.    Thank you gang.  It was awesome meeting you.

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Stop Over

Ahoy there!   Stopped off at another house during my travels  and was given a big hug by this wonderful family.   Not sure who they were or where they were located.  That said  it was a purrrrfectly wonderful visit and I VERY MUCH appreciated their hospitality.   

Looking forward to traveling to another location soon.

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All you can’t eat.

Last ye heard of me was in the year two thousand eleven , third month, thirteenth day.  I promised to report back quickly with news of me search for my nemesis Count Le Pew.  But as we all know things sometimes happen while yer at sea.  You zig when you should zag.  You duck when you should jump.  And in my case, you shouldn’t stop at any floating All you can Eat fish buffets unless you can pay your bill.  Imagine… ME… Captain Claude De Mouse being forced to wash dishes for almost a month just because I didn’t have the 40 shillings to pay me waitress.   Thankfully the  Herrera family (pictured here) was kind enough to pay off the rest of the money I owed and set me adrift again.  Thanks gang! 

Well I’m off.   Hopefully to report back a lot sooner this time.  Unless of course I see a floating  All you can eat mouse buffet.  Then all promises are off.


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Land of Ruts

Ahoy!!! Last ye read me sails had been pointed Northward and I’d set sail for yet another new land of adventures. Well I found a new adventure all right!  The largest adventure any Pirate can have in this world.  I set anchor in a home in which a new baby had just arrived! Try as I might, the proud parents couldn’t be talked into naming the little buccaneer Claude. With little time on their hands, there sadly was an opportunity for photos at stop 1.  But alas, good luck to the  little lad and me hopes he has a wonderful landlubbing life. 

With that wonderful adventure behind, me knew Count Le Pew was putting more and more nautical miles between meself and heself.  It was at that point I made stop 2 on this leg of the journey and meet some great new friends David and Allison. So very thankful for them lending me a helping paw and providing such lovely accommodations.  And shiver me whiskers did we have fun in a place called the land full of ruts.  Pictured is the three of us near the sign proving our rutty longitude.  While there, we actually saw a dog ice fishing with its owner.  Could it be Count Le Pew???  Nope!  Not to be. Just another flea bitten pooch who liked to eat his fish frozen.  Meself? I like my fish cooked well done………………………                                                                                           with a side of CATchup.

Well I’m off again.  Thanks to the Deskins for showing me such a wonderful day and then shoving me off again!

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Heave Ho

An Old Salt like me-self likes nothing better than rummaging around some old castles looking for lost booty.  Ye never know what ya might find there. And Blimey!!!  Did Michaela, Anthony, Natalie, Trevor, Abigail, Emersynne and I have fun searching the old Belmont tower castle in Worcester, MA.  We battered down some hatches and we scuttled a few passing ships.   Sadly we didn’t  Heave Ho some of that lost treasure  or even one morsel of catnip I was searching for!  Oh well!  Maybe next time

Thanks again to all my new Lad and Lassie friends.  Such a pleasure to meet all of you. Now I’m off  again… and looking  forward to docking in me next port. 

Meow best,

Captain Claude De Mouse

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