Sad News!!!

Hello.   Those following the whereabouts of Captain Claude De Mouse from location to location have probably been wondering where he’s been since June 2011. After not receiving new information about him for a while I started tracking him down via his last few contacts this past July.  What I was eventually told was the Captain was passed to a person who hung onto him for an extended length of time.  Said person then shipped the artwork to a random address in New York but said shipper couldn’t recall the location he sent the artwork to.  (????) 

It’s my assumption that unless he suddenly shows up out of the blue (something I’m still hopeful for) it’s my belief that Captain Claude De Mouse was either stolen or ruined and will never be seen again.  

Any help from his friends and past participants in tracking him down would be appreciated but as it stands now— I have little hope of this fun project continuing thanks to the indifference of a few people.

My best and thanks for reading.

A sad Artist/Creator___  Scott Nelson



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2 responses to “Sad News!!!

  1. Tamara

    So sorry to hear about Captain Claude De Mouse. We sure had fun showing him around Worcester, MA when he stopped by for a visit last year.

  2. Very sad. I still can’t figure out why he was treated that way. Thanks for your message.

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