Up a tree

I’m backkkkkkk!!    Me bets ye thought I was gone.  Didn’t yah?   Well you should know that cats have nine lives and by my count, I still have two or three left.  So sure, it may have taken me over a month to travel to Bellingham, MA.  Just let me see you hitch hike for a ride without a thumb to stick out though.  Nobody stops!

As luck would have it,  Caela and Hayden  finally came along and hoisted me up into a tree.  We looked for Count Le Pew. We talked about school.  They even showed me how to text on a cell phone. I can now “lol” all day long. We eventually saw a beautiful sunset.  Then they strangely suggested that  we all climb down from our  high perch.   Everybody knows  that cats  go up trees but they do not come down.    Thankfully a firetruck came along and saved the day.  

So I’m adrift again!   Where I’ll end up next?  Only time (and the place with the best kitty chow) will tell.

Thanks to my new  friends!


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