Heave Ho

An Old Salt like me-self likes nothing better than rummaging around some old castles looking for lost booty.  Ye never know what ya might find there. And Blimey!!!  Did Michaela, Anthony, Natalie, Trevor, Abigail, Emersynne and I have fun searching the old Belmont tower castle in Worcester, MA.  We battered down some hatches and we scuttled a few passing ships.   Sadly we didn’t  Heave Ho some of that lost treasure  or even one morsel of catnip I was searching for!  Oh well!  Maybe next time

Thanks again to all my new Lad and Lassie friends.  Such a pleasure to meet all of you. Now I’m off  again… and looking  forward to docking in me next port. 

Meow best,

Captain Claude De Mouse


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