The Escape

Welcome all me Buckannners to the Captain Claude De Mouse Blog.  This is the location to learn about all my travels. If you’ve found my original painting and have taken a picture of me, please forward the photo by email to and it’ll be placed up on this site so all can enjoy!

As you’ve read on the back of my painting, I’m on the hunt for a LandLubbing Mongrel who goes by the name Count Le Pew.  This Mutt is so mangy even his mother calls him a  scallywag.  And as you can see in these photos, that plundering pooch got me locked up in the brig for a crime I did not commit. That bilge rat told everyone I took his gold doubloon water and food dish.  That rascal didn’t even own a plastic water bowl never mind one made of gold!  I’d rather walk the plank then steal someone’s booty anyway.  The Count knew I didn’t take it so I need to hunt him down and find out what why he wanted me marooned away for.  He’s up to something I tell you and I need your help moving me around so I can track him down. 

Here’s the photos of my escape from the jail. Please help me so I can catch that flea bitten tramp, stop his treachery and clear my name with the proper authorities.


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  1. I am liking this so far. I have a feeling we will be seeing the culprit soon enough.

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